Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Welcome to Gurulancer.com, where anyone can sign up and post as many of their services as they wish, however there are some guidelines to comply with.


No posting of duplicate jobs or spamming is allowed

A Freelancer may post the same job only once. Duplicated or very similar jobs will be deleted.


Transactions must be completed on Gurulancer.com

Sellers may not accept payments from buyers outside of Gurulancer.com, if a buyer processes a payment to a seller for a service outside of Gurulancer.com, then Gurulancer.com cannot guarantee buyer protection.


Appropriate Content Guideline

Posting of adult, illegal, copyright protected, violent, nonsense or other improper material on the site is strictly prohibited!

Content on the site is moderated. Users posting, messaging or suggesting any of the above prohibited subjects will have their account suspended.


Ownership and Limitations

We wish to remind that Gurulancer.com content is mainly created by the users on this website.

Gurulancer.com does not check user uploaded/created content for violations of copyrights, trademarks or other rights. We invite everyone to report suspected violations together with proof of ownership. Content that has been reported and that has been found guilty of violating these terms will be removed.


Basic Terms

Spamming of any posts or service is not allowed and users associated with such actions will have their account suspended.


Resolving Disputes

In case of a dispute with a Seller, you should contact Gurulancer.com support staff through either



1-888-305-3877, our phone line is available 24/7.



Processing of Refunds

When a buyer is refunded for a canceled job, They can receive money back to their PayPal account via by contacting our support staff in the following two methods:



1-888-305-3877, our phone line is available 24/7.


In the case of Chargebacks occurred from Buyers.

When a fraudulent Buyer issues a chargeback, unauthorized charge, bank reclaim or any other method which removes his/her funds from our account, we can no longer issue payments to the Seller.


The order is cancelled and an email notice will be sent to the Seller regarding the reason of cancellation. Unfortunately we cannot compensate Sellers for time and/or money involved when a buyer files a chargeback.


Fraudulent Buyers will be banned without warning. Any attempt to reclaim funds without requesting a refund directly via support@gurulancer.com will cause your account to become restricted. This includes Paypal Disputes, Chargebacks, Unauthorized Charges or Credit Card Reclaim, and so forth.