Grand Opening! Grand Opening!

From the desk of admin, 3/29/2017

Welcome to the grand opening of! The purpose is to provide a place for people who have various talents, skills, or specializations to utilize in making those skills a source of income by providing buyers who are looking for people who are ready to provide their services to them.

In this day and age where many jobs, forms of labor, and other occupations are either being outsourced to other countries or becoming automated to computers and robots; creativity and skill cannot be outsourced or automated, and freelancers are becoming more and more critical to an economy where the need for digital services such as programming, web design, logo design, etc. is increasing on a yearly basis towards $3 billion industry. So now is more than ever a better time to become a freelancer in a multitude of skills and use them to make a source of income, become independent from employers and become your own boss today!

How is different from other freelance marketplace websites that are currently out there on the internet?

-We are different in that we incentivize our sellers and reward them for their excellent performance and customer service.

For example, we have 3 different levels sellers can obtain based on their performance, and each level has a different commission fee we take on each sale.

-We also listen to the feedback from our sellers and buyers alike and try our best to implement changes so that they have fewer problems and are able to focus on what is most important to them which is making sales and providing excellent customer service.

-We do not hold your funds for more than a 1 day period, this is the time we need to properly payout your funds

-We have a 24/7 support staff ready to tackle any of your problems or questions

-We have monthly giveaways for our Top Rated sellers

-We will have a gain share distribution to our Top Rated sellers at the end of each year(Gainshare is subject to depending on the performance of, so this should be a motivation for sellers to perform their best service to please the buyers.

However, during our first year, we will be in OPEN mode and only charge a 3% fee to all sellers regardless of their level, then the following year in April 2018 we will resume our normal fee schedule, this may all be subject to change based on feedback we receive from the community during the first year.

Stay tuned for our Weekly updates every Tuesday!

Thank You! Admin

March 29, 2017